As Friendship Missionary Baptist Church sits on the corner of 3rd Street and Division Avenue, it stands on the shoulders of God. To God be the glory, great things He hath done!

In a historic neighborhood, Friendship Missionary Baptist Church has made a mark approaching its 118th year in existence. We know that this is only possible by God’s grace and mercy. We also know that we must continue to maintain the upkeep of our church. To some, it might be just a building, but to us, it is the foundation of those who built it brick by brick to give our community a place for the people. It is for the people who have a responsibility to serve, help others in need and change lives.

To commemorate our history and to celebrate 118 years, we have created this fundraiser to build on to our future. We pray that you will join us in our celebration and be a part of this chapter in our book.